July 13 - 14, 2018
Dayton Convention Center – Dayton, OH

THE SHOP SHOW Videos 2015

Scott Helliesen walks you through many of the items and processes in the POR-15 line.
Randall Bates tries to sum up the many options offered by Auto Custom Carpets.
Blair started with spot weld cutters but hasn't stopped there...
Ken Tyger gives you the reasons why green oil is the best option.
Micky Hale shows you the wide variety of gaskets Cometic has to offer.
Kent Anderson takes you on a short tour of what Currie Enterprises has to offer for your rear end!
Explore DEI's sound absorbing and thermal insulating materials with Mike Zenone.
Why is Evans Cooling Systems better than water? Mike Tourville explains.
Ivan Snyder talks the importance and maintenance of an harmonic balancer.
John Karlovich shows you the quarter panel hemming tool, turbo sheer, and doorskin hemming tool.
Scott Wahlstrom want you to check out one of the many Motor State catalogues both on paper and online.
Who is Motovicity? Brett has an answer for you.
Soft and compressible gaskets to fill any imperfection in the surrounding materials. Alan Matthews fills you in.
Find the right seatbelt or restore an old one with SeatbeltPlanet.com
Keep your vehicle running cool and quiet with spray-on sound dampening and spray-on thermal insulator.
If you need manufactured rubber parts, Steele Rubber Products may be the ones to call.
As Bud says, "All the bling bling stuff you've got beneath your hood, we've got available." Watch to see which items he means.
See some great power steering options that minimize using horsepower and offer custom flow rates.
Specializing in fabrication components, Deryck Griffith gives you the story on Vibrant Performance
Alpine Restyle is the new step from the growing company. Dan Sparks has the details.
Randy Arthur walks you through some of the many offerings of CURT Manufacturing. including the Aries line of bumpers.
The company’s new running boards for the Ford F-150 can be paired with a pre-reunner front and rear bumper.
Check out the new POP display for the X-Act Contour Liner by Husky Liners. Rick Weber has the details.
Lund International’s family of brands now includes AVS, Amp Research, Rampage Products and Bushwacker. James Sanford highlights
Nick Gramelspacher showcases several products, including the new Jeep JK accessories by ProMaxx Automotive.
The 50-year company has some exciting new products. David Schmidt provides the details.
Previewing PendaForm’s new wheel well liner, DuraLiner, and Tailgate Pong with Tony Casper.
Three different application methods and many more applications; Scorpion Protective Coatings may be just what you need.
The Shield Series IR Nano Ceramic window film has some great advantages. Josh Buis fills you in.